Point Molate Spawn Report

CDFW staff sampled a herring spawn near Point Molate yesterday.


Eelgrass and herring eggs: CDFW

Weekend reports indicated an increase in bird activity around the area and a check of the eelgrass bed yielded a few herring eggs. Small numbers of birds remained but based on sampling of the subtidal areas, the spawn was relatively small in size. Stay tuned for more updates.


Point Molate: CDFW


Richardson Bay Spawn Report

A new herring spawn was detected in the Richardson Bay anchorage (near Sausalito) on Monday this week. Rafts of birds and a few marine mammals marked the spawn area. A herring school could also be seen on the fathometer during the flood tide inside the Sausalito Channel. The spawn itself had fairly light egg coverage but it did cover the middle anchorage zone. CDFW staff will continue spawn surveys through the end of the season so please check back soon for more updates.


Sausalito Channel herring school: CDFW


Herring eggs on eelgrass: CDFW




Spawn Activity Update

Spawning continued in two locations through the weekend. The Richardson Bay Anchorage had good spawn coverage on the eelgrass and red algae beds. This spawn extended well into the bird sanctuary.


Bird Activity at the Point Richmond Harbor Entrance: CDFW

The Point Richmond spawn was also active through the weekend. Intertidal spawns occurred from the area near Cypress point around to the inner harbor of Point Richmond. Spawning also occurred on the eelgrass beds in this location. Bird activity and cast netting continued throughout the day today as herring moved around the old ferry terminal. Staff will continue to monitor the area to see if any new spawning occurs. Stay tuned for more updates…


Ferry Point Cast Netting for Pacific Herring: CDFW

North Bay Spawning

Department staff detected two new spawning events this week in the North Bay. A spawn started earlier this week inside Richardson Bay in the main anchorage area.

20190124_121235 low res

Herring school on fish finder: CDFW

Herring schools were visible on the high tide yesterday in the main entrance channel. Herring spawning was also noted at Point Richmond Thursday afternoon outside the rock jetty extending to Brooks Island. Both locations had significant bird and marine mammal activity. Staff will continue to monitor and sample these areas until the end of spawning activity.


20190124_125627 low res

Point Richmond spawn activity: CDFW


Spawns Around the Bay

It was a busy week for CDFW staff tracking herring around San Francisco Bay.


Candlestick Public Fishing Pier: Credit CDFW

Spawn events were detected in the northern portion of the Bay as well as areas to the south of San Francisco. Spawning has been occurring on and off for the last week around Candlestick Point and Hunters Point.  To the north, a spawn was detected in Richardson Bay in the offshore anchorage. At weeks end, a new spawn was beginning at Paradise Cove along the Marin County shoreline. Staff will continue to monitor all areas and sampling to estimate the total herring spawning biomass. Check back soon for more updates.


Eelgrass and Herring Eggs from Richardson Bay: Credit CDFW