Herring Update January 28, 2016

Over the last couple of weeks two spawn events were reported around the bay.  The Point Richmond spawn lasted for several days beginning  on the 16th and a new spawn started this week in the South Bay near the San Mateo Bridge.


Shoreline spawn near the San Mateo Bridge

The commercial fleet was also active in the area between the bridge and Coyote Point, catching 75 tons of herring.  A new school appears to have just moved into the North Bay.  Fish were metered in the Sausalito Channel and off Peninsula Point over the last couple of days.  The school is likely staging for a new spawn event along the Marin shoreline.  Maybe just in time for the Herring Festival this weekend, details below.

To date the commercial fishery has landed a total of 315 tons for the odd platoon and another 30 tons for the even platoon. The total gill net quota for the 2016 season is 750 tons, 360 tons for the Odd platoon and 390 tons for the Even platoon.

This weekend on Sunday January 31st, the annual Sausalito Herring Festival will be held at Gabrielson Park (near the ferry terminal) from 11am-330pm.  CA Fish and Wildlife staff will be present to answer questions about the herring fishery and explain the science behind management of this important forage fish.