Herring visit Point Richmond again!

CDFW staff have been busy running around the bay assessing herring spawn areas and estimating egg densities.


Lab work includes removing and weighing eggs from eelgrass to estimate herring biomass.

Since the last post we recorded a new spawn in Richardson Bay which lasted for several days from January 28 to February 1.  Over this past weekend another spawn started at Point Richmond extending northwest toward Point Molate.  During the same time period herring spawned in Marin at Keil Cove and Belvedere Cove.

The commercial fleet was also active this week landing approximately 40 tons, bringing the total catch for the Odd platoon to 356 tons of a 360 ton quota.  The Odd platoon is now closed for the season and the Even platoon will continue to fish until the end of the season (March 11) or until their quota is reached.  To date the Even platoon has caught 44 tons of a 390 ton quota.

No new schools were detected in the bay during spawn and population surveys this week. That however can change at any time and CDFW will continue monitoring the bay through March.


Spawn area near Point Molate