Herring Spawn Before the Storm

Herring finally began to spawn late this week in two areas of San Francisco Bay. An active spawn was observed in Richardson Bay on Friday, primarily in the mooring field off Schoonmaker Point and along Peninsula Point. Another smaller spawn was reported and confirmed near Point Richmond at Ferry Point on Friday as well.


Pacific herring spawn Richardson Bay – CDFW

Both events appear to have begun within the last 24 hours and were ongoing. The coming storm will likely break up the schools of spawning herring but they can be unpredictable so watch closely. There were numerous birds and marine mammals feeding in both areas.

The CDFW research vessel caught a small sample of herring off the San Francisco waterfront earlier this week with a mix of ripe and spent fish. No spawn has been detected in this area so it is likely that a trace spawn event occurred somewhere in the vicinity.

The commercial fishing fleet was active this week in searching for herring schools but no fish have been landed. Note that the commercial fishery closes each week at noon on Friday and reopens at 5pm on Sunday. More information can be found on the CDFW Herring Web Page.