Post Storm Herring Report

As reported at the end of the last week a herring spawn did occur at Point Richmond, primarily around the old ferry terminal and various points inside the Richmond Channel (spawning video). The heaviest spawn occurred on the eelgrass bed along the southern jetty. The spawn continued through the weekend which was a bit of a surprise given the nautical conditions the Bay Area has experienced recently. Storms with high winds will often breakup spawning events but herring stayed in the “lee” and continued to spawn until Monday.


Point Richmond-South Jetty – CDFW

A new herring school has been detected in the area known as South Hampton Shoal. A sample of approximately 80% ripe herring was caught in the CDFW research trawl on Thursday this week. It is likely this school could come back to Richmond or move into the Marin shoreline area to spawn. Probably sometime during the coming week.

There have been reports of herring around Sausalito and herring schools have been detected in the Sausalito channel. There was also a report of herring inside McCovey Cove along the San Francisco waterfront but no new spawns have yet been confirmed. Stay tuned until next week for more updates.