Herring Spawning in Richardson Bay

A herring spawn started in Richardson Bay near Sausalito over the weekend and continues


Richardson Bay at Dawn -CDFW

today, primarily in the mooring field and the waters adjacent to Dunphy Park.

The commercial fishing fleet was also active in the area but only a very small amount of fish had been caught as of this afternoon. A moderate sized herring school was detected near Yellow Bluff, south of Sausalito. These fish will likely move into the area as the spawning continues over the next couple of days.


Pacific Herring School (shown on a fish finder) -CDFW

There was a report of a trace spawn between the Alameda Rock Wall and Bay Farm Island in the South Bay over the weekend. The spawn survey detected herring eggs on rocky rip rap over a small area near Bellena Island Marina.

In this update we would also like to say thanks to the many herring observers for providing reports from all parts of the bay. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Please keep the reports coming!