Richardson Bay Spawn

There was a very small spawn detected earlier this week in the Richardson Bay anchorage, primarily on eelgrass. The spawn though relatively small did have birds and a few marine mammals working the area.

The CDFW trawl vessel did catch a sample of herring on the Sausalito Shelf on Wednesday this week. The fish were in close proximity to the spawn detected earlier by the spawn survey. The fish were mostly ripe (ready to spawn), with 47 ripe and 3 spawn outs. The fish were also of good size with an average body length of 179 mm. For comparison the average size of the research catch for the season is 176 mm, with a minimum of 117 and maximum body length of 204 mm.

Stay dry and tuned in for more reports as we move into the final weeks of the herring season.


Richardson Bay looking toward Mount Tam – CDFW