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Richardson Bay Activity

Earlier this week a spawn was sampled inside Richardson Bay. The area was spread across the anchorage from Schoonmaker Point to the eastern side of the bay. A small group of birds and marine mammals were first noticed last weekend. This event brings the total number of spawns for the season to 14. Our spawn surveys will continue through the remainder of the month but activity does seem to be drawing to a close for the season. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Richardson Bay looking toward Mt Tamalpais – CDFW


Point Richmond Trickle

Earlier this week herring spawn was found in the area between the Long Wharf and the old ferry terminal at Point Richmond. A trickle of herring moved into the eelgrass zone and deposited a few eggs, resulting in very patchy light coverage. This spawn will likely only be considered a trace event. As of yesterday there were however a significant amount of birds moving through the area which could indicate more herring to come. See a short clip of the action here: Bird Activity Point Richmond

The commercial gill net fishery officially closes next Thursday March 15th at 12:00 pm. The fleet and roe herring buyers have however already ended their season, with total landings of 611 tons on the 751 ton quota. A final season summary will be available this summer and a link will be posted on our blog when it becomes available.

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Point Richmond – CDFW

Richardson Bay Herring Strike Again

Another small school of herring has been spawning in Richardson Bay for the last few days. All the activity is concentrated in the anchorage close to Strawberry Point. Staff have been monitoring the area and sampling the subtidal eelgrass. Rafts of birds and groups of Harbor seals have been working the area but overall it is a small event with very little egg deposition. This spawn will be recorded as number 12 for the season. Staff will continue to monitor into the month of March but activity and spawn intensity appears to be slowing down.

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Richardson Bay – CDFW

Richardson Bay Spawning

This week staff documented an ongoing spawn in Richardson Bay. Based on our observations small schools of herring have been moving into the shallow areas and

20180117_121428 low

Pacific herring – CDFW

spawning on the eelgrass and other subtidal algae in the anchorage. At weeks end the egg deposition was overall light compared to some of our more recent events.  There were a small number of birds and marine mammals working the area as well. Staff will continue to monitor for additional spawning activity. This event brings the total number of spawning events to 11 for the season.