Paradise Spawn and Fishery Update

A new herring spawn started yesterday morning inside Paradise Cove along the Marin

20180123_143720 low

Deck Loaded Herring – CDFW

county shoreline. Fish had been building in the area and the spawn began on the ebb tide close to the old piers. The commercial fishery moved in and was able to catch most of the remaining quota on the Odd platoon, landing 176 tons in a very short period. The platoon was closed at 3:00pm local and the Even platoon reopened at 10:00pm last evening. There is approximately 335 tons remaining on the Odd platoon which will bring the season to a close if the remainder is caught this week.

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Herring Vessel Heading to the Fishing Grounds – CDFW


Coyote Point Spawn and Fishery Update

Spawning Report: Yesterday, a spawn was reported at Coyote Point in San Mateo County. Recreational and commercial fisherman caught fish beginning in the late afternoon Wednesday. Most of the egg deposition occurred just North of the marina jetty or along the jetty itself.  As of late this morning most of the activity had subsided. It is

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Coyote Point Spawn -CDFW

possible additional herring could move in on the next tide cycle. Staff will continue to monitor the area over the next few days for any additional spawning.

Commercial Fishery Landings: The fleet landed approximately 35 tons this week on the Even Platoon. The total quota for the season is 750.6 tons bringing the catch to date to approximately 199 tons.

Upcoming Meeting: Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan Informational Meeting – January 20, 2018 Sausalito – Bay Model Visitors Center – 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Herring FMP Town Hall Meeting Reminder

Town Hall Meeting: California Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan Overview and Discussion

Saturday, January 20, 2018 – 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bay Model Visitors Center – 2100 Bridgeway Boulevard – Sausalito

The Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) invites all 20180108_133459 low2interested members of the public as well as recreational and commercial herring fishermen, to participate in a discussion on the proposed Pacific herring management strategy as part of the California Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan (FMP) development process.

Department staff and the FMP Project Management Team will present an overview of the Pacific herring management objectives, as well as the results of analyses that have been conducted. This meeting will also provide interested stakeholders an opportunity to ask questions related to FMP development and provide feedback.

If you have questions please contact Herring Team Project lead, Ryan Bartling at (707) 576-2877 or If you are unable to attend in person but would like to participate via a webinar, please send an email for link and login information.




Spawning and Fishery Update

Spawning Update: Herring continued to spawn in Richardson Bay through mid-week. Department surveys recorded a large area of spawning throughout the main anchorage, primarily on eelgrass (Zostera marina). Herring also continued spawning on the San Francisco Waterfront, appearing to finally taper off yesterday afternoon. Egg coverage on pier pilings and intertidal areas was quite heavy. Birds and marine mammals continued to work both areas foraging and resting.

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CA Sea Lions at South Beach Harbor – CDFW

Commercial Fishery Update: The totals landings this week for the odd fishing platoon

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Commercial Catch – CDFW

was 164 tons. The total quota for all platoons this season is 750.6 tons. Roe percentages were lower than expected so the fleet elected to hold off fishing until another wave of herring move into the bay.

Upcoming Meeting: Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan Informational Meeting – January 20, 2018 Sausalito – Bay Model Visitors Center – 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Mission Bay Spawn Update

Herring began spawning in the Mission Bay area Sunday evening. Most of the activity as of today was centered between Mission Rock and China Basin near AT&T Park. The commercial herring fleet is expected to land over 100 tons when off loading is complete.

20180108_083840 low

Commercial Herring Fleet, Mission Bay -CDFW

The recreational fishery was also in full swing last evening and most of the day. There was of course many marine mammals and birds partaking as well. Staff will continue to monitor the area over the next few days to see what else develops.

Across the bay a smaller spawn was detected in the Richardson Bay anchorage, primarily centered off Schoonmaker Point.  A small herring school has been metered in the channel on and off over the last couple of weeks so there is likely more to come.