Point San Pablo Spawn Update

A spawn was reported over the weekend in the area of Point San Pablo.

20180211_130717 low

Brothers Light Station – CDFW

Based on preliminary spawn surveys the area extends from the base of the Richmond Bridge at Point Molate to the area across from the Brothers Light Station. The spawn is mostly on eelgrass (Zostera marina) with some patches on rockweed (Fucus sp.) along the coves. Several species of birds were foraging in the area during the low tide yesterday.

20180211_123744 low

Spawn at Pt Molate – CDFW

Staff will continue to monitor as it appears that Richmond and the surrounding area has become popular with the herring this season. Five of the ten spawns we have recorded this year have been in the immediate vicinity.


More herring at Pt Richmond

There was more herring spawning activity around Point Richmond late this week. A small school has been spawning off Cypress Point and close to Keller Beach for the last couple of days. Herring eggs were sampled on subtidal areas and the spawn appears to be ongoing as of this morning. Castnetters have been reported in the area, though fishing looked to be slow as of today. There was also some bird and marine mammal activity nearby at Castro Rocks, which staff will continue to monitor.

20180202_082135 low

Castro Rocks – CDFW

The commercial fleet made no landings this week but still expects to have an opportunity to catch the remaining 104 tons of quota remaining in the Even platoon fishery.


Point Richmond Spawn Report

Another spawn was reported over the weekend at Point Richmond.


Herring spawn- CDFW

It was confirmed today on the eelgrass bed primarily outside the jetty east toward Brooks Island. The egg density was heavy on the entire bed. There were no signs of any herring in the vicinity but staff will continue to monitor for any new developments. This spawn is the eighth recorded for the 2017-18 season. We will expect a few more as we move into February and March.


20180129_125005 low

Pt Richmond Jetty – CDFW

Marin Spawn & Fishery Summary

Through most of the week herring spawned along the Marin county shoreline, extending from Paradise Cay to Belvedere Cove in Tiburon. Egg coverage was very high in the intertidal zone and over eelgrass beds.

20180126_120750 low

Tiburon Herring Spawn – CDFW



The commercial fishery had a good week of fishing, having caught most of remaining Odd platoon quota, reaching approximately 331 tons. The Department closed this platoon on Tuesday and opened the Even fishery. (Platoons alternate weekly through the season until its respective quota is reached) By weeks end there was approximately 104 tons remaining in the Even fishery for the season. Once that quota is reached the commercial fishery will close for the 2017-18 season. If you would like to learn more about the fishery or quotas please visit our State Managed Commercial Herring Fishery web page.



Paradise Spawn and Fishery Update

A new herring spawn started yesterday morning inside Paradise Cove along the Marin

20180123_143720 low

Deck Loaded Herring – CDFW

county shoreline. Fish had been building in the area and the spawn began on the ebb tide close to the old piers. The commercial fishery moved in and was able to catch most of the remaining quota on the Odd platoon, landing 176 tons in a very short period. The platoon was closed at 3:00pm local and the Even platoon reopened at 10:00pm last evening. There is approximately 335 tons remaining on the Odd platoon which will bring the season to a close if the remainder is caught this week.

20180123_173609 low

Herring Vessel Heading to the Fishing Grounds – CDFW